General information

Grocery Wholesale Market - Praska Giełda Spożywcza is one of the largest wholesale markets in Poland. It is located in Ząbki, 7 kilometres away from the centre of the capital city - Warsaw.

Grocery Wholesale Market at present means:
11 ha
surface area
4,6 ha
trade area under cover
the number of producers and distributors renting the surface area
30 m2- 2 500 m2
trade area per one wholesaler
the number of producers trading from vehicles depending on season of the year
2 500 do 4 000
daily number of retailers, small wholesalers and restaurateurs entering the Market
15 000
estimated minimal number of regular buyers
1 000 t
daily size of consumer goods in turnover
5 500 000 zł
daily market turnover
61 %
percent of shops on the right bank of Warsaw and in the City Centre which are supplied from here with meat and dairy


The mission of the company is to create and improve the modern supplying wholesale market for retail and gastronomy.

This Grocery Wholesale Market has occupied a significant place in fresh produce and food services distribution in Warsaw and within a radius of kilometres around Warsaw since the beginning of its activity in 1991.The Market is ideally placed to serve thousands of retail shops, small wholesalers, restaurants and collective feeding points.

Companies based at the Wholesale Market fall into four main categories: meat and its preserves, dairy products, fruit and vegetables and other groceries products. The Wholesale Market is characterized by high frequency shopping, fast rotation of commodities and cash payment.

The Market is a member of the Association of Wholesale Markets in Poland and operates in favour of winning European funds to develop and modernize this way of distribution. It is also a member of International Association of Wholesale Markets.

Wholesale Markets in Western Europe mean high quality. They put their own certificates into practice in order to offer high quality food products. The Grocery Wholesale Market offers fresh products at competitive prices and in compliance with European food safety standards.


Warsaw Wholesale Grocery Market is a member of The World Union of Wholesale Markets