Praska Giełda Spożywcza (PGS) was formed in year 1991, as a branch of Agro-Technika S.A.

From the very beginning of our activity, we were concentrating on creation of a market that would be the best place for supply for groceries shops in area of capital city of Poland as well as shops functioning in range of 70 km around Warsaw.

In initial period, trade in PGS was more chaotic. People were selling goods straight from  transportation cars. There was a special payment for entering the market place.

In next years PGS began investments in created market. Cars became replaced with pavilions and the traders were carefully selected - considering their possibility of development.

These operations, though they were risky from business point of view, turned out to be profitable for PGS.

Trademen that were operating in our market developed, strengthening their tender position in relation to manufacturers. They could offer products in lower prices. Number of retail shops supplying in PGS systematically grew up.

Dealers, who began their activity with PGS developed and they declared demand for larger trade surfaces. Our company invested and in short time we gave back surfaces (from 500 to 3000 m2) inside halls.