The Grocery Wholesale Market intends to be a competitive wholesale market in relation to other markets. It means high quality and good prices, which are smaller at our Market than anywhere else. The scale of turnover at the Wholesale Market has an influence on the competitive prices.

The most significant food services producers operate at our Market. These wholesalers are capable of offering a full range of fresh produce and food services. Here are some of these companies: Batna, Bizon, Bruno Tassi, Gonciarz, Makton, Redon, Stół Polski, Tano.

The Managing Board of Grocery Wholesale Market tries to stop large wholesalers from monopolizing the wholesale market. This is the reason why products offered at our Market are the cheapest in Warsaw.

The Wholesale Market concentrates on large groceries distributors because of present situation and transformation heading for consolidation. Their strong market position with reference to the producers and also their experience in handling makes them capable of offering a full range of products at attractive prices and keeping service at the highest level.

The Grocery Wholesale market offers a wide variety of fresh produce and food services such as: fruit, vegetables, citrus fruit, meat, cold meats, frozen foods, dairy, fish, stimulants, sweets, dry and bulk goods, juices and beverages, alcohols, fruit and vegetable preserves, canned food (pickles), disposable packaging - all basic products, which are essential to guarantee comprehensive delivery.

It's very important for our Market to be well adapted to customers' needs. It means that Market's activity should be comprehensive in order to make easier for buyers supplying their shops, wholesale markets or restaurants in one place.

A short time is very important for buyers especially in this branch of trade. In addition to an extensive and diversified list of products on sale, the Market offers fresh goods, with the shortest possible delivery chain between the manufacturer and the buyer.

The Market guarantees gradually higher quality of services. There were realized such telecommunications investments as Internet access.There is a twenty - four - hour attended car park on the wholesale grounds. There are no entry fees in order to reduce costs.

The Grocery Wholesale Market supports also operators by arranging training courses, organizing their presence at foreign trade fairs and developing various promotional campaigns. Administration of the Market assists operators in implementing HACCP.